Sandwich Local History Society: Publications

Sandwich Local History Society publishes books and booklets on the History of Sandwich

“Sandwich Recollected” by various members of the Society

Booklet for saleAn oral history of everyday life in Sandwich between the two world wars £5

“Medieval Sandwich” by T L Richardson

Booklet for saleSandwich, its Maritime History, Trade, etc £4

The 1830 Farm Labourers Riots in Kent” by T L Richardson

An account of the widespread wage and threshing machine-breaking riots which broke out across the length and breadth of Kent in 1830 £6

“The Sandwich-Gascon Wine Trade” by T L Richardson


“Elizabeth Carter of Deal” by T L Richardson

The 46 years covered by Elizabeth Carter’s correspondence provide a unique window in the life and times of a clergyman’s daughter but also an insight into the little known world of 18th century Deal which in some respects resembled a lawless frontier town £6

These and many more can be obtained from: Rose ‘n’ Tony’s shop at 26 King Street, Sandwich, CT13 9BT
or by post from Mrs Jacqui Linning, The Chanter’s House, 11 Strand Street, Sandwich, CT13 9DX, 01304 614866, plus £2 for post and packing. - see our contact page.