Sandwich Local History Society: Take a Town Tour

Taking a tour is a great way to discover the town's hidden gems and get the most out of your visit.

Make the most out of your visit.

Walk in the footsteps of Thomas Becket, discover where the first elephant landed in England, archers trained for Agincourt, Kings and Queens embarked for France, the stories behind the medieval walls … a guided tour by Sandwich Local History Society volunteer is a great way to explore the sights and appreciate the more than 1000 years of Sandwich's rich history.

Parking is available in The Guildhall Car Park see our Find Us webpage

Sandwich History Tours

Visitors from "Down Under" taking a tour of Sandwich with Tour Organiser Mike Vaile

Booking a tour

A guided tour can take around two hours and costs £2 per person, with a minimum charge of £12
Bookings and For more details and to arrange a tour please contact:
Dr Mike Vaile - 01227 722324

Mrs Jacqui Linning - 01304 614866

Or Sandwich Tourist Information Centre 01304 613565 (1 April to 31 October)

Sandwich History Tours
Sandwich History Tours
Sandwich History Tours

Click the photographs below for a "Taster Tour"

  • The Sandwich Coat of Arms
  • Sandwich Guildhall
  • A tour of Sandwich for the Sandwich Princesses
  • Richborough House, Bowling Street
  • A doorway in Vicarage Lane.
  • The Old Drum, Church Street St Mary’s
  • The Old Drum, Church Street St Mary’s.
  • The Norman church of St Mary's,
  • The 1592 dragon beam satyr
  • The King's Lodging
  • Among the best surviving medieval merchants houses in England
  • The Chanters House and Sandwich Weavers, Strand Street
  • The Chanters House and Sandwich Weavers, Strand Street
  • The Barbican,
  • The Toll Bridge charges
  • The Toll Bridge charges
  • The Crispin Inn and the Admiral Owen Inn
  • The Quay, Sandwich
  • The Fishergate, Sandwich Quay
  • Sandwich's parish church, St Clement's
  • St Bartholomew’s Hospital, founded in 1190
  • St Peter’s Church, Market Street


We have had our most successful season yet guiding visitors, locals and tourists alike, around our lovely medieval town. We have completed 45 tours up to the middle of September, for 777 people in 99 subgroups and involving 17 guides, resplendent in their easily recognisable tabards. Still to be added to this number are tours in October from groups as diverse as the Reading National Trust, military attaches from various countries, Maidstone U3A, Filipino nursing and healthcare staff and a repeat tour from Eriba caravan enthusiasts.
For the first time, we have 2 groups booked in November, and 1 in December, as well as visitors from America in June next year

Follow in their footsteps in 2019 by arranging your own tour now.
Dr Mike Vaile would be very pleased to hear from you tel: 01227 722324  email: